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meeting about sustainable food – dinner used Surin Farm pork

A Sustainable Food Journey, Eating For Life. May 9, 2017

Meeting Information: 25% of the catering comprised of more sustainable meat options, such as chicken and pork which were purchased from local, small-scale farms. The pork was sourced from a family run producer with small satellite ‘smart farms’ that partners with the King’s Swine Project, which brings income to Thai family farms. The producer doesn’t use chemicals or hormones, and the pigs have 150% of the space required under organic standards. The only reason why their pork is not organic is due to the fact that the organic feed is not available in the quantity they need, which they are working hard to  rectify. In addition to these efforts, the producer also recycles their livestock’s manure and uses environmentally friendly housing and cleaning products. 


The primary goal of Surin Farm is to sell piglets at 35 to 50 days of age. The majority of our piglets are ordered and presold prior to their birth. Our customers know we only sell top quality piglets and feel safe to order piglets according to their needed delivery dates.

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Another goal of Surin Farm is to sell top quality gilts. We select the best piglets and then raise them for gilts for sale and as replacement gilts for our own farm. Our gilts are primarily two breed pedigree pigs. Occasionally we will raise and sell one pedigree gilts. Tell us your needs and we will try supply the gilts you desire.


We raise Duroc and Duroc/Pietrain . Check with us!