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Ready for Chef by Chiang Mai Gourmet

Thai: 081-388-4421

English: 084-727-9193

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Chiang Mai Gourmet

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Bacon & Ham & Chops click

Our Bacon, Ham and Chops are produced by hand, using only traditional methods. This time tested approach allows for greater flavor by enhancing the meats natural flavors. We do not pump our products with water or press various cuts of pork together to enhance profitability....

Burgers                       click

There are three main varieties of burger we produce. Beef is imported from Australia, Lamb is imported from New Zealand and Pork is from family farms  meat that is then infused with authentic BBQ sauce. We use fresh herbs and spices in all our burgers to enhance the flavor...

Sausages                  click

All sausage starts with grade A meat. We offer 15 different varieties of sausages. Whether they are for breakfast, on the BBQ grill or anything in between, we offer the highest quality options. We use only natural casings in our sausage and do not substitute with...

Ready to eat meals  click

All or our ready to eat meals come in large individual portions or in catering size trays for parties. We have an ever expanding menu of these items that now includes three varieties of Lasagna, Cottage Pie and Shepherd’s Pie. Imported cheese, beef and lamb are used...

Other products    click

Our other products are highlighted by Cured Salmon (Gravlax), Smoked Chicken, Corned Beef and Pastrami. Fresh Norwegian Salmon with a combination of herbs is used for our Cured Salmon. Australian Beef Brisket is used for Corned Beef and Pastrami. Our smoked chicken is...

77/309 Moo 8 T. Baan Van A. Hang Dong Chiang Mai 50230

Thai: 081-388-4421

English: 084-727-9193

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Beef Products  click

View our fine line of beef based products.

Our beef is imported from Australia


Products  click

View our fine line of chicken based products.

Our chicken is sourced from ethical farms


Products  click

View our fine line of venison based products.

Our deer come from a Thai deer farm

Lamb Products  click

View our fine line of lamb based products.

Our lamb is imported from New Zealand

Pork Products  click

View our fine line of pork based products.

We specialize in fantastic ribs, Coppa, loin, and sirloin pork chops (sold in Fresh Pork)

Our pork is all from Award Winning Surin Farm who uses small family satellite farms to raise pigs.

Fish Products  click

View our fine line of salmon based products.

Our Cured Salmon (Graviax) is imported from Norway

Vegan Products  click

View our fine line of vegertarian products.

Our vegetables are all sourced from local farms.

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We also have Fresh Pork Ribs and Chops

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