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Large White

large litters, heavy milk production and for having excellent maternal instincts

Large White Landrace

Prolific mothers, large litters, indoor pig, docile, much milk, meatiness


Superior in growth rate, feed conversion. Duroc are fast-growing with greater fat depth and intramuscular fat than the white breeds

Feed, Water and General Information

Thailand Ear Notching  Identification

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Why Raise Pigs?

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Primary Pedigree Breeds in Thailand

Breed Meat Quality

FCR (Feed Conversion Ratios)

Speak Swine (Dictionary)

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Methane Gas

Miscellaneous  and  General Pig Information Surin Farm

Located in Sanpatong, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Feed/Water Like? Dictionary Contact Us Pietrain

High lean meat percentage. Well-shaped hams, loin and shoulders. Pietrain are very muscular

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